Why do we need to contact a sourcing company in China ?

A sourcing company’s job is to find the right supplier for your product, negotiate the right price, inspect the quality of goods and arrange for shipment of goods.

Do we have to come to china for quality check and shipping the goods ?

No. You don’t have to visit china for quality check and inspection. That’s the reason you appoint a sourcing company that replaces your presence and does your job periodically.

If we want to visit china what is the procedure?

You have to send us a scan copy of your passport’s first and last page. We’ll send you an invitation letter. The same has to be given to your travel agent for processing of visa and ticket booking. Inform us on your visit to china and one of our executives will meet you at your hotel at the desired time.

Can I order goods from multiple suppliers in China?

Yes, you can order goods from multiple suppliers in china. The goods will then be called to our Warehouse and once all the goods arrive at the warehouse, we’ll organize for shipment.

How and when do we pay for the goods?

The payment has to be done by TT. The account number of the same will be given in the Performa Invoice provided by us. On order generally an amount of 30% is paid as advance and the balance has to be paid after our team inspects the final products at the factory. You will be intimated well in advance when and how the payments have to be done.

Do you have a service charge for sourcing and inspecting the products?

Yes, we will charge you for the services provided to you. This completely depends on the value of goods and services you avail. On enquiry we’ll source the product you desire and get you the price of the same. On confirmation a complete Performa will be sent to you on the price of the product and our service charges. The service charge does not include expenses availed on inspection, travelling, warehousing and logistics.

Will you ship any goods that we require?

All goods that have legal clearances in the china customs will be sourced and shipped by us. Similarly if we handle custom clearance at the port of destination, all goods that are permitted by the country of destination will only be cleared.