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[icon2 icon=”awesome-map-marker” title=”Robust Selection Process”]
Aexim plays a key role in helping their customers find the right product from the right supplier with a robust selection process.[/icon2]
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Quality is of utmost importance at Aexim. All of our processes follow these stringent  principles, ensuring our clients get top quality products for their needs.



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Aexim currently exports to over 40 countries key of which include U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Italy, U.A.E, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, India etc.


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Our teams of experts have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in various domains to enable simpler and effective services for our clients all over the world. 



[icon2 icon=”awesome-shopping-cart” title=”Sourcing from China – Cheaper, Safer & Easier”]

With a team of over 50 professionals both in China and Abroad Aexim serves its customers with complete professionalism from Sourcing to Satisfaction. 


[icon2 icon=”awesome-link” title=”End-to-End Service”]

Aexim provides gamut of services viz, Sourcing, Inspection, Quality Check, Warehousing, Logistics & Customs Clearance, that makes us a complete solution partner to your sourcing needs



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Contact us today to find out Cheaper, Safer & Easier way of sourcing.



[carousel heading_level=”2″ size=”1″ interval=”1″ infinite=”1″ circular=”1″ auto_play=”0″ heading=”Client Speak”][carousel_item title=”Slide”][testimonial title=”Aexim’s Efficiency & Speed is Marvelous. ” author_name=”Sandy” author_extra=”United Kindgom”] We are associated with Aexim since 2007 and dealt with them for over a 1000 shipments big and small. Their efficiency and speed in handling our requirements are marvelous.[/testimonial][/carousel_item][carousel_item title=”Slide”][testimonial title=”Aexim helped us build our Brand” author_name=”Jameel Ansari” author_extra=”Mumbai”]

For so many years we have just been trading, but it is because of Aexim’s constant efforts and trust, we have been able to build a brand for our product. We are destined to be associated with Aexim.

[/testimonial][/carousel_item][carousel_item title=”Slide”][testimonial title=”I have regained my confidence in sourcing from China. ” author_name=”Hussain Arandes” author_extra=”Kuwait”]

I have been dealing with China since 2010 and have faced so many issues like quality, price, commitment etc with the Chinese suppliers. I met one of the executives of Aexim on a plane and was really impressed by their politeness and confidence. I then decided to visit their office for further discussion. There is no looking back since then. I have regained my confidence in sourcing from China.


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